Work isn’t Working

I kind of can’t stop thinking about work lately. Not my actual job (I have a ‘day job’ in addition to the freelancing I do with BrightLight) and not even BrightLight and my clients there. Nope, just “work”, like the whole concept of exchanging labour for cash. And then work vs. career. Etc. Etc. It keeps going from there out to the whole nature of our economic systems and the value of money and … etc. etc.

The unemployment rate in the US right now is 9.1% (check out Unemployment Statistics via a very nifty Google Public Data Explorer tool and play around to get the most dire settings!). And that’s via official numbers. It doesn’t include people who incapable of working the way we define work, or who have given up even trying to find work. And it doesn’t account for people who hold 2 or 3 or… dozens of jobs (if you can even define them that way) and who might be “working” but who aren’t really happy with their work. California, where I live, is even higher at 12.1%.

So something tells me that work isn’t working, at least not how we’ve historically defined it. It isn’t meeting our personal economic needs in many cases and it sure isn’t meeting most people’s need to feel fulfilled or contributing to something they really value.

Yeah, I think about this all a lot.

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