Bye bye Qwikster.

This was in my inbox this morning. RIP Qwikster. I just finished figuring out how to spell your name.

Netflix RIP Qwikster announcement

I’ve found this whole thing baffling. I guess it’s good they’ve listened to their customers but it was sort of amazing to begin with that they thought this would be the kind of change people would have really embraced at the outset. The price increases at least made sense from a business point of view, but two websites, double the hassle thing really didn’t. And the name, oh man, the name was seriously seriously wrong.

Also, I’ll note that the original Qwikster announcement and promotion all came from the CEO Reed Hastings but this one just comes from “The Netflix Team”. Hastings kind of made an ass of himself trying to jump into the real-time fray to defend the website split and I had wondered at the time where the PR team was (maybe all of Marketing was just too exhausted after failing to fight off the Qwikster name?). Today’s announcement has “carefully crafted marcom speak” all over it.

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