Perfection is good too… sometimes.

I guess that depends on your definition of “perfect”? I do agree with the other saying that Perfect is the Enemy of Good.

Many of my BrightLight clients find bookkeeping and accounting tasks frustrating. It’s a lot of little details and a lot of things to keep track of and it never ends. There are things they think they should be doing better like better tracking, doing entries themselves, or never losing a receipt. There are things they think they should just innately grasp about how it all gets done and what the numbers and reports all mean. But the reality is… that isn’t real. Not everyone is perfect at doing this and that need for perfection, which in their own businesses, doing their own work is what makes them great, ultimately means they sometimes never start anything at all. It’s okay that accounting isn’t what they’re good at and that they’ll never be perfect recordkeepers. The important thing is to start and keep at it in whatever way works for them. The rest is up to me to work out because I’m the one that that should both get it done and get it done perfectly. And if we’re honest, sometimes that also takes a couple of tries, reviewing my work and going back and doing something again to get it right.

So yes, I guess sometimes being done is better than being perfect, so long as done resembles something useful. Doing something terribly just to do it isn’t the answer either.

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