It should always Just Work.

Interesting article in Forbes this morning “Dropbox: The Inside Story of Tech’s Hottest Startup“.

Leaning back on an Aeron chair two weeks after the deal closed, across from a customized neon sign that reads “ITJUSTWORKS” with “just work” popping out in blue, Houston muses on what he will do with his new quarter-billion-dollar war chest.

Forget the part about how much money they’ve got in VC$s hanging around, the sign is the interesting bit. I’m a dork for mantras and putting mission statements in front of yourself all the time. I think it helps focus when everything feels like it’s too big to tackle or you don’t know where to start. “It Just Works” is a great one and it does describe the Dropbox experience perfectly. I’ve been a paying customer of Dropbox for two years and when the renewal last came up it was a no-brainer. Besides just working it’s saved my bacon a couple of times and now, no matter what else, I have that peace of mind that whatever I need is going to be there. That’s invaluable and they’ve built up a lot of trust and goodwill with me. I recommend them all the time (and you can use my referral link here if for some reason you don’t already use them too).

I’m not saying that the sign makes the difference but it’s nice to see that their visual reminder is the same as what the customer wants to experience (and not, say, “Drivevaluationprice” which is what so many other startups seem to put out when you try to work with them).

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