Odd Jobs: Paint Doctor

pantone honeysuckleI think this is just a really really small niche in the interior decorator milieu but leave it to the NYTimes to bring us this: “The Paint Doctor Is In” about a woman who helps her clients choose just the right shade of paint. I know that picking out the right paint color can drive people mad but this seems … eh, whatever, if you want to pay someone to do this for you, you go have at it.

But, once again, someone doesn’t get it (the quotes here attempt to shift the blame for the usual class-unconsciousness of the NYT onto the ‘doctor’ herself I guess)…

For her this-not-that advice, she charges $275 an hour, with a 10-hour minimum. Her clients include “normal folks,” in addition to movie stars and other well-heeled individuals with multiple properties.

No, no. Those are not “normal folks” paying you $2750 to tell them what grey to buy.

Though, straight up, I’ve always wanted to be someone who came up with the names for things like paint and nail polish and the various shades of beige in the JCrew catalog.

If you look at the slideshow you’ll see her own home and I think she does make great, and bold, color choices. I’m all for getting rid of the beiges and greys so many people rely on. The blindingly bright yellow gloss on the doorframes is to die for. Obviously, I have a thing for that shade, which I think of as “BrightLight Yellow”.

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