The Little Things…

I’d like to make a substantive update but I’m having one of those days where it’s hard to focus. Usually when that happens I take a breath and start to re-organize my workspace. Clean out old emails, make a fresh to-do list, actually wipe down the phone with one of those hygienic wipes someone buys from Staples. And that’s great. It works because I feel productive and refreshed and then ready to get back into it in a couple of hours.

But it isn’t working now for one reason: MY KLEENEX BOX. Oh my god. I realize this is completely irrational but… I can’t stand looking at the damn thing sitting here on my desk. I don’t have any desk drawers – just some open shelves above part of my desk, which is normally good. I hate desk drawers where old project files and dust go to accumulate die. But sometimes…

I need the tissue box here, I’m kind of a sniffly person because of some hardcore dust allergies, so I use it. The useful scale of things I keep on my desk probably goes like this: Computer > Phone > Tissues > Pen. Seriously. But it’s so… ugh, right? It looks stupid and kind of unsanitary (just the box, not the disposed tissues which are in the wastebasket which sits conveniently out of my line of sight or I would really go crazy). There’s no good spot for me to tuck it away. I realize how stupid this sounds but I am such a visual person that having clutter in my sightlines makes it hard to focus.

At home, since I am obviously sniffling pretty much 24×7 (I know! I do take lots of drugs as well but it’s the merest speck of dust that can set it off) I have a very nice looking Paper Pot. Yes, I paid $40 for a tissue cover, but it is worth it! It actually looks like of sculptural sitting on a pile of art books on a side table. Or all of those allergy meds have made me delusional, I don’t even know anymore. But that seems kind of extreme for the office though, plus I’m not convinced that it just won’t walk out of here seemingly under it’s own inanimate object power LIKE MY DIET COKE DOES.

I could probably get a cheap cover on Etsy but again… distracting and with fabric…. Ew. Just, ew.

No, I don’t know how I live like this either.

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