A Different Kind of Satisfaction

One of the things I like most about bookkeeping is how it ends. It has finality. Yes, of course, there’s always next month and next year and the receipts and statements and invoices never ever stop. But every month you take your pile of paperwork or emails and you enter all of these transactions and then you reconcile it. Reconciliation is the most fun for me because I get to check things off the list, play detective for anything that’s not right and when you’re done, you’re done. It all adds up and that month is done. That feeling is so incredible, so very satisfying.

That’s not always an easy feeling to have in our lives. Since I’m also a project manager you’d think that I’d get that feeling all the time when projects complete. And I guess you do. At the end of it, if you’re a successful project manager your project launches (or in my case the code gets released) and you do get a feeling of satisfaction but for some reason it isn’t the same. Maybe because these projects are bigger and towards the end are often such a slog, so pressure-filled, that I don’t get adrenaline from it. I know other PMs who do, but I don’t. I just find it exhausting and I’m “so over it” by then. And of course, I’m usually managing more than one project at a time, so it’s not like everything is actually done, just that one is finished, for now.

So when people look askance at me when I say I do bookkeeping as part of this side hustle (and they do, I think they find it weird that I’d do something so seemingly mundane) I try to explain this, that this is a lovely little feeling to have every month. To be able to close the month and move on to the next one.

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