How I Work: Louis CK on experimentation

There’s a lot that I admire about how Louis CK has been operating lately – his independent release of his latest comedy show and his upcoming independently produced and ticketed tour. But even more than that I love that he’s been so transparent about how he’s done these things and the results he’s had. I think he’s not unlike the majority of people I like to work with:

AVC: You’ve similarly talked about how you’ve run your company with a certain degree of pragmatism, but it also seems like in the way you conduct your business and your creative affairs, that there’s also a lot of idealism in that as well. Do you see yourself as a moral, idealistic person?

LCK: I don’t know. I’d be afraid to call myself that. I think I’m more just very curious. I do have a lot of energy, so I will try stuff. Doing stuff like this is really, really hard work. Putting this tour together was a huge amount of work, and it did mean being a little bit brave, because it’s scary. I don’t want to upset any of these people who do this shit. [Laughs.] You know what I mean? So some of it that’s not just practical is that I will try to do stuff that can be a little scary but feels right to me, even if it’s harder. So that’s what I would identify as feeling like that. Outside of just trying to get it done. It’s worth it. And also, it’s exhilarating.

From: Louis C.K. on eating pressure and providing an alternative to The Man

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