Thank God you Asked a Manager and Not YOUR Manager

I love Ask a Manager. It’s a great website and Alison Green gives really solid advice about the working world. It’s also, frankly, a little WTF?! I cannot believe some of the things people actually ask, like the one today. In this case, that person’s job might be saved by having asked the website and not the CEO.

Either the person who wrote that question is terrible at expressing themselves and is missing out on providing critical information (like, “I’m a Vice-President and all of the other VPs already have assistants.”) or they’re so clueless I can’t believe they really exist. I know that there are mysteries of the working world for many people and things like interviewing are fraught with uncertainties and anxieties and just plain WTF?! on the part of the businesses themselves but sometimes some of the questions make me wonder if we’ve really gotten so far away from common sense and professionalism. I guess we have and that’s unfortunate.

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