Happy new year… almost…

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Happy New Year!

Why yes, it is almost two whole weeks into the new year so I realize this is a little late. I’m taking some liberties and have decided that the end of January is going to be my new New Year.

Historically, I’ve taken some time around the holidays – either around Thanksgiving or Christmas – and done a sort of personal stock-taking. Not necessarily for resolution-making purposes, but just to see where things are at in various areas of my life and try to determine if there’s anything I’d like to consider changing. Mostly it’s just a chance to spend some time in deep thought, which we all so rarely get time to do.

However, this year, between my parents visiting at Thanksgiving and my traveling home to see them and the rest of my family at Christmas, I just haven’t had that chance yet. Work, both in the office and at BrightLight, has been really busy and it’s only just now settling down. So I’ve put off my Deep Thought Session for a little while. Things can roll the way they are right now, at least for a little while longer.

One thing I did spend some time thinking more about is my business coaching business. I tentatively entered that world last year and it seemed to go well. I had some ideas about what I wanted to and a very motivated client and at the end of our sessions together I had learned so much about where my strengths and weaknesses as a coach lay and she really got going in developing some professional skills and habits that had fallen by the wayside. The key takeaway from it though was that the client is the most important thing. Not just that in coaching the focus is always on the client’s needs; that should be obvious. But that my personal ability to connect with the client and for them to be willing to open up to me and to put in a tremendous amount of difficult work, is the key to the success of any of it.

In going forward, I’m looking to take on another coaching client or two. I’ll be very focused on finding the right ones, both in my evaluating them but in being sure they’re also evaluating whether I’m the right coach for their needs. If you’re interested in engaging me for coaching sessions, please contact me at info@getbrightlight.com.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to update more and more here, which should give these prospective clients some good sense of what my perspectives are and my attitudes towards various parts of both business operations and the sorts of topics we’d cover in any coaching sessions.

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