To Do List: January 14

One thing I wanted to do was make a public To Do List of the things I need to accomplish this week in making BrightLight better. I am crazy about to do lists (and will talk more about them this year) but maybe less crazy about the public accountability (to all of the… no one reading this right now?). Still, I think it’s an important step so I’m pushing myself to do it.

Here’s my To Do List for the week of January 14th:

__ Jot down ideas for posts in my various editorial calendar categories

__ Evaluate Neatworks Cloud for a bookkeeping client

__ Outline quarterly reporting system/process for a bookkeeping client

__ Test run of QB Mac 2012 on Mountain Lion (could be okay, could be disaster!)

__ Re-write bookkeeping service description for the website (I’m working on a big update, which will take longer than this week. All the service descriptions need to be re-written so I’m starting here).

That’s manageable. If I run through those items, I’ll work on re-writing other parts of the website.

If you don’t do anything else this week please remember to pay your quarterly estimated taxes if you’re a freelancer or small business! They’re due TOMORROW.

I’ll check in again next week!

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