To Do List: January 21st

Last week I said my To Do List was “manageable”. And yes, I do think it was. It was just the wrong list. I had a very productive week but not the one I had planned. Here’s how it went down:

Here’s my To Do List for the week of January 14th:

_Not Done!_ Jot down ideas for posts in my various editorial calendar categories

_x_ Evaluate Neatworks Cloud for a bookkeeping client

_x_ Outline quarterly reporting system/process for a bookkeeping client

_Not Done!_ Test run of QB Mac 2012 on Mountain Lion (could be okay, could be disaster!)

_Not Done!_ Re-write bookkeeping service description for the website (I’m working on a big update, which will take longer than this week. All the service descriptions need to be re-written so I’m starting here).

So I’m left with these carry-over items this week:

__ Test run of QB Mac 2012 on Mountain Lion

__ Jot down post ideas in editorial calendar categories

And I’m adding:

__ Finish round 1 of quarterly report for bookkeeping client. We’re meeting next week to go over it and I have about 4 more hours of work to put into it. This is actually my top priority.

__ Re-write bookkeeping services section of new website. I think this is going to be punted, if I’m honest, but I’d like to keep it here anyway. Maybe I’ll get it done in the end.