Decision-making Styles

From MSN Money is a piece on the 7 styles of decision-making. Since I can’t turn down a personality test I took the one on the author’s website.

My decision-making style? I’m ‘List Checking’.

Your number one tool for making decisions is creating a list of pros and cons. You move forward carefully in making decisions. All your friends know you as the one who does not miss a detail and has a list for every important event. If a decision is worth making, it is worth creating a list to decide how to make that decision. Lists help you research to be sure you are making the best choice. Decisions are best made when thorough research has been done. You may consult others who have made similar decisions to determine how their choices played out and what you can learn from their decisions. And then you add these opinions to your list. You may make a tree of possibilities to examine possible long-term consequences of each option. You believe the more written on your list, the better informed your choice will be.

I don’t actually make lists for decisions but mentally I do sort things into pros/cons a lot. I’m mostly just trying to backstop the ultimate decision against unanticipated negative consequences. “What’s the worst that can happen and how will I live with that?” is what I ask myself.

Take the test here: Yes or No Book

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