I never said they were deep thoughts…

the-martian-movie-posterThoughts I had while watching The Martian (I’ve also read the book and, fair warning, get a little silly about Matt Damon):

1. Mmmm, Matt Damon.
2. As women behind me exclaim over Matt Damon’s torso “Amateurs”.
3. Science is indeed awesome! Yay science!
4. Botany is science. And it’s tasty, tasty science.
5. Sean Bean in a sweater vest is pretty suspicious. And I don’t seem to recall his character dying so… is Sean Bean getting old? Am I getting old?!
6. Nerd humor hahahaha.
7. I got the nerd humor.
8. I do not in any way buy Kristin Wiig in this. Not for half a second. Not even in an Allison Janney as White House spokesperson world.
9. It’s nice that there’s some actual diversity in this movie. But I think Kapoor is ACTUALLY supposed to be Indian? And… Mindy Park? THAT IS NOT A WHITE GIRL.
10. OH NO! I was trying to be quick so I failed at my fundamental duty as a woman: Always checking for toilet paper when you pee!! Panic! No, wait, what would Mark Watney do? (For the record he’s a dude so… What *I* did was make do with pieces of the new sanitary disposal paper bag).
11. This is insanely restrained for a Ridley Scott movie.
12. That’s gotta be a body double right?
13. I am so glad they didn’t schlock this up with a “longingly touching photo of wife and child” scene.
14. I am so glad they focused on this being a series of solvable problems and that it takes math, science, logic and teamwork. Like pretty much everything in life.
15. Every space problem can be solved by the gravity-assist slingshot in the end.

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