Wavestorm’s $99.99 Surfboard Upends the Industry – Bloomberg Business

Zilinskas, who surfs occasionally with his family, says he’s regularly accosted at trade shows by people saying, “You screwed the industry and brought prices down!” He has a ready response: “I tell them, ‘How many of the hundreds of thousands of people who bought our board have moved on to higher-end product?’ Ask any surfer in the water about Wavestorm. They probably own one.”

via Wavestorm’s $99.99 Surfboard Upends the Industry – Bloomberg Business.

We’ve thought about getting a Wavestorm for visitors and kids as well. But watching a whole carload of Wavestorms show up on a crowded weekend is a bit distressing. So many people coming in who have no idea what they’re doing and are a danger in the water – to themselves and other people. The thing is: there’ve always been these people it’s just before they’d rent boards. I think that’s who’s probably losing business: the rental shops.

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