First, Let’s Get Rid of All the Bosses | The New Republic

Williams told me the story of one woman, named Rosemary, who had been removed from her role in CLT shortly after she completed new hire training. Her lead link didn't think she was connecting emotionally with customers, even though the woman had 13 years of call-center experience. As it turned out, Williams said, Rosemary was... Continue Reading →

Decades After Her Death, Mystery Still Surrounds Crime Novelist Joseph | Vanity Fair

When Tey’s work was finished, she displayed an equally absolute devotion to indolence. “Next to chocolates, the cinema and racing, her favourite pastime was a day in bed, lying flat on her back, wide awake,” Caroline Ramsden wrote. After one of these epic lie-ins, Ramsden asked what she had been thinking about all day. “Nothing—absolutely... Continue Reading →

The Linguistics of Writing an Email Like a Boss

Another of the other big, quantifiable differences the researchers were able to find was much more of the top phrases in emails to colleagues or subordinates reflected cognitive processes -- detected by comparing the phrase sets to a semantically-tagged lexicon -- than the top phrases in emails to superiors. via The Linguistics of Writing an... Continue Reading →

How Visual Systems Make It Easier to Track Knowledge Work

I've been chewing on how to create a workflow tracking system for my group. Right now that group is... me. So my own notes are sufficient. But shortly we'll be expanding and at least one other person will be responsible for our customer onboarding and technical implementation processes. Being able to know where he or... Continue Reading →

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